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office furniture removalOffice furniture removal isn’t exactly exciting or a ton of fun. In fact, it’s laborious and boring. But, when you’re relocating a business, it’s a necessity. You’ll quickly discover this isn’t easy to do and take a whole lot of prep just to get it underway. The key is to get all hands on deck and working toward one goal at a time. This way, your office furniture removal and relocation process will go a lot more smoothly.

Office Furniture Removal Obstacles

The biggest office furniture removal obstacle is dealing with things like corners and small hallways. It’s a real challenge to get larger furniture out of a small office or cubicle space and out of the building. Plus, there might also be landlord rules about moving. Some only allow moving after normal business hours and/or on the weekend.

If you need to move your business, the best place to start to plan how to pack and move is right here. I’ve had a lot of requests from individuals who have been given the task of moving their company office and while moving an office is a large undertaking that may require additional help in the form of other colleagues (creating a committee) or by hiring professional packers. —The

Then, there’s the matter of actually transporting all that stuff from one location to the next. So, call in a junk hauling service to lighten the load. After all, the less there is to move, the better. And, you can easily dispose of old and/or unwanted items.

Dickerson DIY Office Furniture Removal and Relocation

The best way to deal with an office relocation is to assign team members to groups. Then, give each a short list of tasks. This way, you’ll have everyone working harmoniously and it won’t be chaotic. Here are some more helpful office furniture removal and relocation tips you can try out:

  • Set aside dedicated days. You’ll need at least two to three (or more) days to make the entire move. Make no mistake about it, even a small office, with just a few employees will take at least two to three whole days to relocate from one space to another.
  • Empty everything out completely. That means desks, cabinets, drawers, and every other storage space. Simply put, the lighter, the better. (Even if you hire a moving company, this will be greatly beneficial.)
  • Transport everything at one time. Be sure to create a checklist and check it twice. Then, move all the office stuff at one time, if possible. This way, you aren’t going back and forth, time and time again. After all, the more time you spend moving, the less time there is for day-to-day business activities. (Bring in an office cleanout team, if necessary, to wrap it up faster.)

When you need an office cleanout done right, phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away.

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