den-bedroom conversionDen-bedroom conversion. It’s a bit tougher of a transition that you probably think. This is because the transformation presents a number of obstacles. And, you’ll discover these challenges along the way. For instance, how to deal with unwanted junk. (Which is why so many people rely on a local and experienced junk hauling service.) That means you’ll need an actionable plan. Read on to learn more about den-bedroom conversion.

Important Considerations

Sure, a den-bedroom conversion will provide your home with another dedicated private sleeping space. However, you should know that in the world of residential real estate, this is a no-no. That’s because it’s a statistical fact that rooms converted to serve a different purpose are frowned upon by homebuyers. So, if you plan to sell your house in the future, although you might have another bedroom, be aware you’ve taken away a perfectly good multipurpose space.

Decorate your den to serve multiple purposes, such as turning it into an extra bedroom if you’re short on sleeping space or a temporary retreat if you have guests coming. Decorate the space with the primary function of the room serving as your guide. For example, privacy will be more important for a semi-permanent bedroom. --Hunker

Another thing you’ve got to consider is the fact that a den is usually walled-in, without windows. It might also not be equipped with doors. That means you’ll at-least have to install a door for privacy. And, if you really want to go all-out, you’ll need to install one or more windows.

Den-Bedroom Conversion in North Port

Now, if you’re still serious about doing a den-bedroom conversion, then you need to make it into a true bedroom space. Generally, a bedroom is defined by two to three elements: a privacy door, a closet, and a window. To make a den into a bedroom, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Empty the den. The first order of business in converting a den into a bedroom is to empty the space out completely. You’ll need the room to work and the furniture probably won’t be conducive to a bedroom.
  • Frame a closet. If you have dead space in a wall separating another room in your home, you can use this as a place to build-in a closet. This will save usable square footage and provide more free space in the room once it’s converted. If you don’t have any dead space, frame the closet against a wall, out from a corner.
  • Install a door. To provide privacy and to make into a bedroom, you’ll have to install a door. You can use just about any type, so the room can be closed off. Finally, furnish your new bedroom to complete the conversion.

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