brick planter removalBrick planter removal is complicated but it is a difficult job because it requires so much labor. While it isn't complex and does not require any specialized skills, you will need a solid chunk of time and a helper or two to get it done. It's really more about the plan of attack or having a few people help out than anything else. So, let's take a look at what you need for a brick planter removal job.

Brick Planter Disposal

Aside from the tools, you'll also need a debris disposal plan. This is due the fact that the local trash collection agency won't accept building material debris and other types of junk. Unless you plan to repurpose most or all of the bricks, you'll have a big mess on your hands and on your property.

Brick is one of the most prized exteriors for homes because it’s so attractive and easy to maintain. Yet over the years, water, ice and seasonal expansion and contraction all attack the solid mass of a brick wall at its most elastic (and weakest) point: the mortar joints. --The Family Handyman

This brings us to another scenario, which is proper disposal. If you just let that pile of torn up bricks sit on your property, you might unwittingly invite a code violation fine. So, do yourself a favor and call a junk hauling service to come and pick it up. This way, you don't have to deal with it when you're finished tearing it down.

Cloverly Brick Planter Removal

To do a brick planter removal, you'll need the following tools: leather gloves, shovels, chisels, hammers, and sledgehammers. In addition, you'll also need a wheelbarrow and sod or cement mix. Here are the steps to take for a brick planter removal:

  • Empty the planter. Unfortunately, you can't demolish a brick planter until it's empty. You'll have to remove any plants, embellishments, and all the soil from the planter first. (If you don't, it will make it a lot more difficult to tear it down and clean up afterward.)
  • Chip into an outside corner. After the planter is emptied out, you can then begin to dismantle it by starting in an outside corner at the top. Do not begin the demolition at the base because it's a safety hazard.
  • Break the mortar joints apart. Start chipping at an outside corner at the top with a chisel and hammer. Work through the first row across and down. As you go, the mortar will crack apart and the bricks will fall free.
  • Sod or cement the area footprint. Once you've taken the structure down, you can then fill the ugly footprint by sodding over it or pouring a layer of cement to hide it from sight.

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