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clothes dryer replacementThe convenience of major appliances makes day-to-day life a lot more simple. We often take these for granted because it’s so infrequent that we are without their function. When a clothes dryer stops working, it’s generally due to a loose, worn, or broken belt. It could also be an electrical problem. It’s also not unusual for the cost of the repairs to equal or even exceed the worth of the appliance. When this happens, it’s usually best to buy another to replace the old one, just like many other appliances.

Clothes Dryer Replacement Made Easy

Though it might seem like a simple task, replacing a clothes dryer will take a bit of time and effort. You’ll only need a few common hand tools, such as screwdrivers, wrench, duct tape, and a torpedo level, You’ll also need a helping hand to both move the old appliance out-of-place, and, to install the new one (not unlike replacing a water heater).

When you purchase a large appliance like a new washer and dryer or when you move an existing dryer, paying for professional installation can add to the cost. Instead of spending the money for a professional installation, you might consider doing the job yourself and saving the cash. —

When you’re ready to make the switch, gather your tools together, then, follow these steps to replace your clothes dryer:

  1. Turn off the breaker on the main electrical panel. The power to the appliance should be turned-off at the breaker so there’s no chance of electrocution. These units require a lot of power to function and you definitely don’t want to put yourself at-risk.
  2. Shut off the gas valve. If the appliance is also equipped with gas, be sure to shut it off at the valve.
  3. Disconnect the gas line. Slowly disconnect the gas line with a wrench and try not to bend it when doing so.
  4. Disconnect the electrical line. Pull the electrical power line from the wall outlet and then either duct tape it, or, if applicable, disconnect it from the appliance.
  5. Remove the exhaust tube. The exhaust tube is likely situated right behind or beside the appliance. Remove it from the appliance, leaving it attached to the wall vent.
  6. Carefully pull the dryer out of place. Along with another person, pull the dryer out. Do this carefully because it could easily damage the floor.
  7. Put the new appliance in-place. Work the new appliance in-place, also exercising caution to prevent floor damage.
  8. Connect the electrical and gas lines. Reconnect the gas and electrical lines to the new appliance.
  9. Install the exhaust tube. Connect the exhaust line to the dryer, then, work it into place carefully.
  10. Check for levelness. Place a torpedo level on top of the appliance to check for levelness. If it isn’t level, make adjustments to the legs.
  11. Turn the gas valve and electrical breaker on. Once these are on, you can then set your dryer to run to test it out.

Now that’s you’ve replaced the clothes dryer, you’ll have another task on your hands. If the old dryer doesn’t work or is damaged, you won’t be able to sell it to offset the cost of the replacement. What’s more, you’ll have to rent a truck and pay a dumping fee to get rid of it. Save yourself the time, effort, and frustration by calling a local junk hauling service to pick it up.

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