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storage unit cleanout clarksburgStorage unit cleanout — three dreadful words. But, what if you could make a little money doing it? That’s right, you can cleanout a storage space and put some cash in your pocket. That certainly makes the chore a whole lot more palatable. Plus, it gives you some real motivation to do it sooner rather than later. So, let’s get on to some storage unit cleanout tips and tricks.

How to Get Out of a Storage Unit Lease

Before we get to the money-making cleanout exercise, let’s first look at how to get out of a self storage lease. There are a few ways to do this. The first is just to pay off the balance or buy out the remaining time on the lease. Or, you can empty out the unit and simply wait until the rental agreement expires.

Storage units are great resources when you temporarily need a place to put your things for three to six months, like you needed to do with this move. Storage units, however, are not where things should go to live for years. When you abandon things in storage units you end up spending more money storing the items than you would selling everything and buying replacement items in the future. Additionally, the storage units are much more likely to be infested with bugs, rodents, mildew, mold and other possession-ruining things than they would be in your home. —

Another method for getting out of a storage space lease is to request an early release. This might come with some extra fees but it frees you of the obligation. You might also be able to sublet the space, but most leases prohibit this option.

Clarksburg Storage Unit Cleanout Money-Making Tips

Now, if you’re ready to do a storage unit cleanout and make some money, you can do so with just a little bit of effort. The best part about this is you don’t have to relocate anything. JUst follow these simple steps:

  • Empty the space. Take everything out of the storage unit. Do not leave anything inside. (It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast ahead of time.) This way, you’ll be less inclined to put anything back inside.
  • Get organized. Next, you need to organize all your stuff. Doing so will let you determine what you will keep and what you’ll purge. It also makes it easier to identify what’s important and what isn’t.
  • Value everything. Do a little research to find out what each item is worth. Then price things under their value to make them move quicker. Remember, you’re not trying to make a huge profit.
  • Advertise and sell. Advertise a storage unit sale and do it a couple weeks in advance and do it far and wide. Then, host a garage-type sale right at the facility in the unit.

When you need a storage unit cleanout, phone us at 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away.

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