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wood paneling disposalWood paneling. A thing of decades past. And, if you’re ready to make a change, it will soon become a remodeling debris cleanup job, followed by some renovation. Of course, you have a good way to go to get from here to there. But, once you’re done, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Not to mention, have a key selling feature to highlight. Or, at the very least, an updated room to share with family and friends. So, just what can you do with old wood paneling? Well, there are a few attractive options.

Wood Paneling Disposal

The first thing to do with any remodeling project is to plan for the logistics. Sure, it’s going to involve the materials and final desired look, but you’ve got to think about what it is you’ll do with all the remodeling debris. That’s right. You’ve got to think about all the junk that comes with a renovation, no matter the size. You see, too many people undertake a makeover without proper planning.

Nothing screams the 1970s like a room covered in wood paneling. Even if you love the look of wood, paneling across an entire wall or around a whole room can feel overwhelming and dated. Whether you want to save money by keeping the paneling or enjoy the warmth of wood but want a fresh look, there are several ways to make the paneling feel modern without tearing it off the wall. —San Francisco

In other words, it’s only after the mess is created that people actually encounter and think about what to do with all the debris. And, it will be a reality, make no mistake about it. You’ll need to get rid of that debris one way or another. To accomplish that, you’ll need to plan ahead, so schedule a junk hauling service before you start the project.

Boyds Wood Paneling Updating Options


  • Paint over it. Text
  • Install drywall. Text
  • Refinish with stain. Text
  • Tear it down to remodel. Text

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