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kitchen soffit removalKitchen soffit removal. Talk about a huge project. And, one that can be fraught with a bunch of complications. Plus, there’s the aftermath to deal with, which only adds to the overall inconvenience of the job. Read on to learn more about how to go about kitchen soffit removal.

Kitchen Soffit Disposal

Before you bring in your tools and start ripping things down, you should first plan for the enormous amount of debris you’ll generate. Too often, homeowners and others alike just don’t amply plan for the aftermath. They focus on the finished product. And, it isn’t until they can’t avoid it they must deal with all the material debris.

Making the decision to remove the soffits means that you have committed to a big project. Just how big depends on what is lurking behind the soffits. The only way to tell is to cut a hole in the drywall big enough to shine a flashlight and get a good look around. If you’re really lucky, it will just be empty space. But chances are pretty good that you’ll see wiring, air ducts and/ or plumbing pipes. If you are still intent on removing those soffits, all that “stuff” has to be re-routed and you have officially committed to a major remodeling project. —Kitchen Craftsman

Make no mistake about it, a kitchen soffit removal will generate a whole bunch of junk. What’s more, the replacement process will only add to it. So, be sure to schedule remodeling debris cleanup before you start your project.

Bowie Kitchen Soffit Removal Guide

You will need several tools and a few supplies to tear down the soffit. Gather together a few sheets of plastic or tarps, flashlight, eye protection, a dust mask, gloves, a utility knife, pry bar, power drill-driver, hammer, and a ladder.

  • Shut off the power. Some kitchen soffits contain electrical wiring and serve as a great concealment. But this presents a really big safety hazard. Go to the main electrical panel and find the breaker powering the wiring inside the soffit. Turn it off and use a meter to ensure the power is no longer flowing.
  • Cover the counter and floor. The very first thing you need to do is protect the kitchen counter and floor. Cover them with drop cloths. And, be sure to remove anything that’s hanging or stored underneath the soffit.
  • Score the seam between the ceiling and the soffit. Next, you can then use a utility knife to cut into the seam between the ceiling and the soffit. Then, you can begin to tear it away from the ceiling and take it down completely.
  • Hammer out a small hole. Knock out a small hole large enough to accommodate your hand. Then, reach into the hole and pull off the drywall, exposing the framing.

Once your done and need junk removal, just phone 888-537-7445 or visit Haul Junk Away.

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