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What to do with Water Damaged Furniture

Water damage can occur as the result of a leaky roof, leaky or burst pipes, and even melting snow. In some instances, you aren’t even aware of the damage, until it becomes visible and by that time, has ballooned into a larger problem. Regardless of the cause, if water damages furniture — particularly wood — it doesn’t necessarily mean it…

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How to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

A popcorn ceiling, also called a cottage cheese ceiling, or a Stucco ceiling, is a feature that was popular during the 1950’s and 1960’s. It continued to be installed in residential homes until the 1980’s, when it began to lose favor. In fact, this paint-on or spray-on treatment widely included asbestos, which was banned by the United States Clean Air…

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How to Make an Office Clear Out Easier

When it comes time to move your business from one location to another, it’s usually in response to growth or to take advantage of decreasing operating expenses. Regardless of the reason, we all know that moving is a big project and one that’s not typically greeted with enthusiasm. Let’s face it, moving is difficult and it’s full of hard work.…

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How to Replace a Pergola

replace wood pergola
Your backyard pergola took a real beating over the years and recent heavy summer storms did even more damage. It’s now looking pretty worn and you don’t know it isn’t safe. The feature has served you and your family well, and, you’d like to keep it. To repair, refurbish, or outright replace it, you’ll have to assess its current condition. Should it look unstable, you can test it by pushing on it to see if it budges. In addition, take time to inspect the support posts, the side walls, and rafters and beams, and outer beams.

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How to Remove a Hot Tub

It’s old, it’s leaky, and, the pump just went out again. You’ve come to the end of your patience for repairs and quick fixes, and now, it’s time to rid yourself of that hot tub on your patio or deck. It’s been there for years and you’re not exactly excited to see what’s lurking behind it or underneath, but, it’s…

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DIY Tips on How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Our homes are truly remarkable structures, complete with distinctive styling and functionality. With today’s technology, homes have many conveniences, including appliances and technology that makes life easy. From smart thermostats to Low E, double pane windows, to the latest in engineered flooring, homes are not only comfortable, but also less maintenance intensive. However, many homes are older structures and these…

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How to Take Down a Pergola

Pergolas are very aesthetically pleasing, functioning structures that often provide shade under rambling vines, which cover the top. Though these outdoor features are built from weather resistant wood, over time, the outside elements take their toll. If you don’t occasionally retreat the wood, it will insatiably start to rot. A pergola can also become compromised after a heavy rain and…

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How to Take Up Hardwood Floors

how to take up hardwood floorsHardwood floors are a very popular choice for residential homes, rental properties, and office spaces. Because of their beauty and long lasting durability, hardwood floors are known for their sense of sophistication, the clever combination of rustic feel and high shine.

Though it is among the most durable, it does suffer from a number of stresses, which include foot traffic, weather changes, humidity levels, and mechanical damage from vacuuming. These eventually cause the polyurethane coat to wear down and expose the bare wood planks. Now, it’s highly susceptible to scratching, marring, and warping. When these conditions begin to appear, it might be too late to refinish the hardwood to give it new life and you may have to learn how to take up hardwood floors.

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How to Take Down a Punk Tree in Florida

how to take down a punk treePunk trees, or paperbark tea trees, are native to the continent of Australia and are very attractive to bees, birds, and bats. These trees are quite adaptable and can grow in upland areas, as well as aquatically, making them very prevalent in the state of Florida since their introduction over 50 years ago.

However, these are considered an invasive species in the Sunshine State. Researchers are attempting to find a way to control the species, because it grows rapidly due to its ability to produce many seeds, which grow aggressively into an impenetrable monoculture.

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How to Tear Out a Brick Planter

Brick is one of the most versatile and aesthetic types of building material. It can give a structure a more

sophisticated look and is easy to clean with a pressure washer or even a garden hose. Homes with

equipped with brick planters are either free standing structures or attached to the front exterior. These are

great to plant flower or even vegetables. Over time, however, bricks will come loose and compromise the

integrity of the whole planter. If you don’t want to replace the bricks and gain a bit more space, you can

tear out your brick planter.

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