storage unit cleanoutA storage unit cleanout job isn't exactly the most exciting thing you need to do. But, it's one that's inevitable. In fact, one bright spot is that you can do a storage unit cleanout and make some money. That's right, the stuff in your self storage space is another person's treasure. Which gives you some incentive to get the self storage unit cleanout done sooner rather than later.

Storage Unit Cleanout End of Lease Options

If you're near the end of your lease, that's a great time to do a storage cleanout (because most leases are air-tight, giving renters little room). But, if you aren't near the end of your lease, you might take the opportunity to empty out the space and then request an early lease release or a payout. In addition, it might be possible to have someone else to take over the storage unit. However, you need to consult the lease to learn if that's legally permissible.

Storage units are great resources when you temporarily need a place to put your things for three to six months, like you needed to do with this move. Storage units, however, are not where things should go to live for years. When you abandon things in storage units you end up spending more money storing the items than you would selling everything and buying replacement items in the future. Additionally, the storage units are much more likely to be infested with bugs, rodents, mildew, mold and other possession-ruining things than they would be in your home.

Also, keep in mind that when you do a storage unit cleanout, it's typically your responsibility to leave it in good condition. Generally, this means you must empty it out completely and sweep it out. If you do leave things behind, that can cause unnecessary trouble. For instance, leaving stuff behind can violate the lease agreement. So, you definitely need to abide by the rules.

Bethel Island Storage Unit Cleanout Tips

Now, if you're ready to do a storage unit cleanout, you need to follow a few ground rules. Here are some helpful tips on how to do a storage unit cleanout and make money in the process:

  • Get organized. The key to any type of cleanout is organization. Simply put, you have to know what's on hand and if it's worth keeping or not. When you organize all your belongings, you'll see what has value and what does not.
  • Research values. Next, you'll need to put a price on everything you no longer use and/or don't want to keep. This doesn't take very much effort and it lets you know what's valuable and what isn't.
  • Start advertising. After you price all that stuff, you'll need to set a date for a sale. And, you'll need to advertise it well in advance. You can use street signs, social media, and even bulletin boards at work, school, church, and grocery stores.
  • Host an on-site sale. The best way to go is to host the sale right on-site. This way, you don't have to move all that stuff from one location to another. Plus, anything that doesn't sell you can just give away.

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