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yard sale moneyYou’ve just tried to pull into your garage and now, as many times before, realize space is seriously shrinking. It’s to the point there’s not a square inch left in the attic, the closets are ready to burst open, and, you’re simply running out of space. As you begin to rearrange things to be able to comfortably re-enter your car, you suddenly are struck by the notion that you don’t need all of this stuff. In fact, you can’t even begin to identify what’s in which boxes, or, where certain items are stuffed away.

Best Ways to make More Yard Sale Money

This is your “ah-ha” moment, and you know a garage sale is in store. It’s the perfect solution–you’ll not only free up quite a bit of space, but you’ll put some extra money in your pocket. Making it even better is the fact that you’ll actually be able to use your garage for its main purpose.

Would you like to get rid of your clutter and make some money? Garage sales (or yard sales or tag sales) are big business, even if the average selling price of goods is only 85 cents. Just multiply that by the 4,967,500 goods that are sold at garage sales each week, and the total weekly revenue that U.S. garage sales generate is $4,222,375, according to the website —Consumer Reports

If you want to have a successful yard sale, you don’t rush into it. That’s a great way to sabotage yourself and bring on a whole lot of frustration without much to show for your time and effort. Instead, do these things to make more yard sale money:

  • Gather stuff well before the event. One of the single best secrets of pro garage sale hosts use is to have a few dedicated boxes to toss things in for months in advance. When something of value, be it large or small, is no longer useful to you, put it in a box. Organize these as you go, so it’s easier to sort and price later on.
  • Clean it all up for the best impression. Dust, cobwebs, and other dirt is something that’s just plain icky, and, if it makes you cringe in the any way, it’s a really good bet potential buyers will feel the same. Clean everything up to make a good impression and sell stuff for more.
  • Form an alliance with neighbors. When you ban together with your neighbors, you create more of a destination because people will think it’s more likely they’ll find what they want. This also helps when you get referrals from neighbors who don’t have what someone is looking for.
  • Advertise far and wide. A yard sign and a few signs tacked to poles isn’t enough. You need to advertise online, about a week in advance, and also, in busy intersections.
  • Mark prices clearly and offer bulk deals. People will bargain for a lower price, so, sell items in bulk when you can to give them a better deal.

Another way to get a little more out of garage sale shoppers is to offer light refreshments. Some lemonade and fresh cookies are nice enticements. Just don’t make the mistake of putting refreshments out for self serve, instead, offer to pour a cup and small plate. As for the junk leftover, give us a ring and we’ll haul it away.

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