bathroom vanity removal stepsBathroom vanity removal steps aren't difficult to follow. In fact, just about anyone can do a bathroom vanity take-out. It doesn't require any specialized skills. But, you will need to exercise caution. And, you'll need a plan with what you're going to do with the old fixture. (You should know, that's going to constitute a big part of the remodel.) However, bathroom vanity removal isn't that hard to do on your own.

Bathroom Vanity Removal Safety

When you're doing any type of home improvement, safety should be at the very top of your list. It doesn't matter how minor or even if you've done it many times before. Statistics show that even small jobs result in big disaster scenarios. And, even though this is a straightforward exercise, it does have its risks. For instance, you'll be working with both plumbing and electrical wiring.

For the easiest installation buy a new vanity and sink that are the same sizes as the old ones. Of course you can always measure your space and find a sink and vanity that will fit.

Even if you do not experience bodily injury, you could easily cause property damage that just adds to the cost and time and effort. So, work methodically to ensure you're doing it right every step of the way. If you exercise caution, you'll enjoy a good experience and end up with wonderful results.

Bathroom Vanity Removal Steps Made Easy

The real trick with bathroom vanity removal is to anticipate what is and what isn't necessary. In other words, not creating more unnecessary work for yourself along the way. So, here's the bathroom vanity removal steps you need to get the job done right:

  1. Turn off the water and electricity. The very first thing to do is to shut off the water and electrical supplies to the vanity. (Electrical wiring isn't always part of a vanity removal.) Turn off the water supply to the sink. Then, turn the faucet on and let it drain.
  2. Remove the doors and cover the floor. Once the water and power are shut off and the sink drained, you should remove the doors to prevent them swinging open. Now is also a good time to take down the mirror, as well as any other decor hung that might get in the way. Then cover the floor to protect it.
  3. Cut the seal and pull the sink out. Next, you'll cut the seal between the vanity and the wall. Then do the same around the lip of the sink on the vanity top. Place a bucket under the plumbing lines, then, unhook them and let them drain.
  4. Remove the vanity base from the space. Now, you can examine the vanity to see how it's fastened in place. Depending on the situation, you'll be able to simply pull it up and out of place to remove it from the bathroom to install the replacement.

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