attic clean upAttic clean up. What an ugly and difficult job. It will take quite a bit of time and effort to get the space organized. Then, there’s the matter of what to do with all that unwanted junk. (That’s where a junk removal service comes in real handy.) Also, how to go about it in a way that’s most efficient. After all, you don’t want to belabor the process. So, read on to learn more about attic clean up and what you need to know.

Top Considerations

If you’re handy enough, you can convert your attic into livable square footage. At the very least, you can arrange and organize it into a useful storage space. The trick is to maximize what’s available while not going overboard. Though a converted attic can be a great resale feature, some people prefer it to remain as a storage space.

No one ever said getting rid of clutter is easy. It takes time, effort, and sometimes an emotional toll. Sentimental clutter often can be the most difficult to part with during the organizing process. The attic, basement, and garage can be major clutter traps in anyone’s home. It takes quite a bit of effort to trim down what has accumulated in those areas over the years. One also must make a conscious effort to keep them uncluttered after an initial cleaning has taken place. --Unclutterer

However, if you do choose to refurbish the space, you’ll have to do something with all the junk garbage that’s piled to the roof. And, you need to keep resale in mind because that’s a big part of the equation. It’s got to have wide appeal to work as a selling asset and not as a buyer objection.

Attic Clean Up in Punta Gorda

You can hire an attic cleanout company. But, if you choose to go the DIY route, you should have a plan ready-to-go. Here are some helpful attic clean up hacks you can use:

  • Clear a pathway. Before you begin your attic cleanout purge, you should do yourself a huge favor and create a clear foot path so you don’t trip and fall. Make a walkable space from the spot where you enter the attic to the outside or garage of your home. Then, move boxes and whatever else might be in the way in the attic itself.
  • Go through everything. Don't do this haphazardly. Instead, take your time and go through everything so you know precisely what you're dealing with. Once you've identified what's in the space, you can proceed.
  • Empty out the whole attic. Next, you'll need to empty out the space, leaving nothing inside. This way, you'll have more motivation to get rid of things rather than just put them back.
  • Organize what you’re keeping. Finish up by neatly organizing all the items and arrange them according to priority to make retrieval easier. This will make it worthwhile.

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