above ground pool disposalAbove ground pool disposal -- four words that strike fear into the heart of anyone. It's big. It's ugly. And, it's got to go. Long gone are the days of nearly care-free enjoyment. Now, you spend more and more time making repairs and replacing this, that, and the other. In short, it's become a wallet-raider and it's definitely taking a financial toll. So, it's time for an above ground pool dismantle and disposal. (The good news is, you can actually make some money for your time and effort.)

About Above Ground Pool Disposal

That's right. You can make money with an above ground pool disposal or more particularly, after dismantling it. This is due to the fact that most metal pools contain materials which can easily be sold as scrap. Even if it's not that large, it's generally worth it to put some cash in your pocket.

There are several reasons for taking an above ground pool down, but regardless of why you are doing it, the concern is how to do it. When you take the pool apart, it is important to do it in the proper order so that nothing, including yourself is at risk. If you have the original boxes that all of the parts came in, it is a big help in the dismantling process, but by no means is it essential. --Hunker.com

Now, it's very important to note, not all the materials are sellable. Some are just plain junk. (But might serve a purpose for another use if you're creative enough.) So, if you don't want to take the time and effort to do it yourself, you can bring in a junk removal company to do it for you.

Ashton-Sandy Spring Above Ground Pool Dismantling Tips

As for taking the above ground pool apart, you'll need to follow a few guidelines. Here are some helpful above ground pool dismantling tips you can use:

  • Drain the pool. If the pool isn't already empty, you need to drain it and let the area around it dry before you begin to take it apart. (It's common for some water to remain inside the pool, so don't worry about it if this happens.)
  • Dismantle the pool. Next, you can remove the wall caps and pull the liner out of the pool. Depending on the manufacturer, you may need to take off all the wall caps, then pull the liner out or not).
  • Separate the scrap metal. Once the pool is dismantled, you can then separate the junk debris from the scrap metal to sell the latter. Generally, extruded aluminum is sellable for scrap.
  • Sod the area where the pool stood. After you've taken the whole pool down, you can then sod the spot where it stood to conceal it's presence.

If you have an above ground swimming pool to dismantle and dispose of on your property, phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away.

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