above ground swimming pool end of life signsAbove ground swimming pool end-of-life signs. Some are subtle, while others obvious. Make no mistake about it, if you need to take down an above ground pool, you’re in for a whole lot of labor. But, it doesn’t require special skills. However, it’s something best left to a professional service. Because, it’s not just dismantling which is difficult. It’s also the disposal which isn’t exactly easy or simple.

Emmitsburg Above Ground Swimming Pool Disposal

If an above ground swimming pool fails, you'll have a super big mess on your hands. The great thing about above ground swimming pools is they are designed to be collapsible for reuse. This feature allows homeowners in cold weather climates, like the northeast and midwest, to dismantle the amenity during the offseason and then reassemble it as summer approaches.

Of course, with such convenience comes a serious downside. Every time the structure is dismantled, there’s potential for damage. Some homeowners can’t even take their above ground swimming pools apart because they are surrounded by decks

During the hotter parts of summer, homes with a pool are often the envy of the neighborhood. Round above ground swimming pools are versatile because they can be taken down and moved or stored when not in use, but knowing where to start disassembling the pool and in which order the pieces should come off can be a challenge. A good rule of thumb to follow is to take the pool apart in the opposite order you put it together. If you didn’t put the pool together, taking a round above ground pool down is not difficult. --San Francisco Gate

However, it’s important to know the condition of your above ground pool for the sake of safety, at the very least. Furthermore, you should also continually monitor the amenity to know when it’s time to take it down.

Above Ground Swimming Pool End-of-Life Signs

While there are several reasons to take down an above ground pool, only a few are unavoidable. Here are the top above ground pool end-of-life signs you need to know about:

  • Discolored liner. A discolored liner can mean many things. Among them are mold and mildew, as well as an off pH balance. But, you don’t know unless you test the water and/or look directly at the liner itself. Material corrosion is another reason for liner discoloration.
  • Tears in the liner. Normally, small tears in the liner are easy to fix with a patch. When tears become numerous, this means there is an ongoing problem with the walls or its components, like screws, bolts, and the like. Small issues will turn into bigger problems and will worsen over time.
  • Buckled or warped walls. Walls buckling or leaning in or out are bad signs. It means the whole structure is somehow compromised and it likewise means, it’s time to dismantle it for good.

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